Sunday, May 11, 2008

We give each other traffic.

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Group Blogs:

Futuristic Fantasy Paranormal (and SFR) Group Blogs

alien romances

(rowena cherry, linnea sinclair, jacqueline lichtenberg, margaret l carter, susan kearney, colby hodge, susan sizemore)

Out Damned Story,

FFP Romance outtakes

Cross-genre Group Blogs

Males and Other Animals

Deborah Macgillivray, Josh Artemeier, Jade Lee (author), Rowena Cherry,

Historical Group Blogs

Unusual Historicals
jacquie rogers, 25 authors

Adult Romance Group Blog

the hussies
sahara kelly and friends

Suspense Group Blog

Killer Fiction Writers
Gemma Halliday, Cristie Craig ...

Special Interest Group Blogs

Survival Romance
Rowena Cherry, Annalee Blysse, Janet Miller, Jacqueline Lichtenberg

General Story telling

Goddesses of Story-telling
Cindy Spencer-Pape

Individual Romance Author Blogs

Rowena Remarks

Jacquie Rogers

Kathryne Kennedy

Jennifer Ashley

Colleen Thompson

Eilis Flynn

Elaine Corvidae
Sandy Lender
Diana Groe

Emily Bryan
Publishers' Group Blogs

Blogs of Blogs

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